,, Outlook shortcuts


       Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts

General Outlook shortcuts

Description                                                                                            Shortcut Key
Send Message                                                                                            Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S
Reformat an email message from RTF to plain text                                         Ctrl + Shift + O
Delete Message from message window                                                         Ctrl + D
New Contact Dialog                                                                                     Ctrl + Shift + C
New Office Document                                                                                   Ctrl + Shift + H
Read Warning Header                                                                                  Ctrl + Insert + W
To Save Non-Email Item in Current Folder                                                      Alt + S
Cancel the current operation                                                                         Escape Key
Move up current level of treeview                                                                    Up Arrow
Move down current level of treeview                                                                Down Arrow
Collapse current branch of treeview                                                                Left Arrow
Expand current branch of treeview                                                                 Right Arrow
Launch go to folder dialog                                                                             Ctrl + Y
Save unfinished item in Drafts folder                                                              Ctrl + S
Move selected item to Deleted Items folder                                                    Delete Key
Open print dialog box                                                                                   Ctrl + P
To delete current item                                                                                  Ctrl + D
Mark as unread or read                                                                                Ctrl + Q
Select all                                                                                                    Ctrl + A
Copy highlighted items/text to clipboard                                                         Ctrl + C
Cut highlighted items/text to clipboard                                                           Ctrl + X
Paste items/text from clipboard                                                                     Ctrl + V
Open application menu (to maximise, minimise etc)                                       Alt + Spacebar
Create new item                                                                                          Ctrl + N
Undo                                                                                                          Ctrl + Z
Move cursor to top of email list                                                                      Home
Move cursor to end of email list                                                                     End
Move edit cursor to top in new email message window                                    Ctrl + Home
Move edit cursor to end in new email message window                                   Ctrl + End
Check Names                                                                                             Ctrl + K
Move cursor to Menu Bar                                                                              Alt + or F10
Launch Advanced Find                                                                                 Ctrl + Shift + F or F3
Move to next Window pane                                                                           F6
Launch spell checker                                                                                   F7
Move directly to Inbox                                                                                  Ctrl + Shift + I
Move directly to Outbox                                                                                Ctrl + Shift + O
Copy selected item(s) to a folder                                                                   Ctrl + Shift + Y
Create new folder dialog                                                                               Ctrl + Shift + E
Move selected item to folder                                                                         Ctrl + Shift + V
Create a new email message                                                                        Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a new appointment item                                                                     Ctrl + Shift + A
Create a new contact item                                                                            Ctrl + Shift + C
Create a new task item                                                                                Ctrl + Shift + K
Create a new note item                                                                                Ctrl + Shift + N
Message options (from a new message window)                                             Alt + P
Open address book                                                                                      Ctrl + Shift + B
Launch flag for follow up dialog box                                                                Ctrl + Shift + G
Reply to sender                                                                                           Ctrl + R
Reply to all                                                                                                  Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward message                                                                                        Ctrl + F
In calendar week view                                                                                  
Description                                                                                                  Shortcut Key
Go to today’s date                                                                                       Alt + D
Go to a date                                                                                                Ctrl + G
Move to next date                                                                                        Down Arrow
Down Arrow                                                                                                 Up Arrow
Move forward one week                                                                                Page Down
Move backwards one week                                                                           Page Up
Move to appointments on current date                                                           Tab (hit enter twice to open item)


Jaws keystrokes in Outlook

Description                                                                                            Shortcut Key
Say Line                                                                                                     Insert + Up Arrow
Say All                                                                                                       Insert + Down Arrow
Say Selected Text                                                                                       Insert + Shift + Down Arrow
Move focus to attachments list                                                                      Insert + A
In spellchecker read misspelled word and suggestion                                      Insert + F7
Read Header Field One                                                                                Alt + 1
Read Header Field Two                                                                                Alt + 2
Read Header Field Three                                                                              Alt + 3
Read Header Field Four                                                                                Alt + 4
Read Header Field Five                                                                                Alt + 5
Click Cc Button                                                                                           Alt + Shift + 4
Click To Button                                                                                            Alt + Shift + 3
Launch Global keystrokes listbox                                                                  Insert + F8

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